18 days: Sadhana Chart

Day 1: Rounds by 7am : 16; pages of eighteen days read: 49 (oops got a bit carried away! This books is like watching the live installation in person!)

Srila Prabhupada: Spiritually there are no differences between these five tattvas [panca-tattva], for on the transcendental platform everything is absolute. Yet there are also varieties in the spiritual world, and in order to taste these spiritual varieties one sh0uld distinguish between them. CC Adi-Lila 7.5

Day 2: Rounds before 7am: 15 & 3/4 🙂 ; Pages read: 25

I realised today, They are not here for us to simply worship, to pray to, to gaze in awe at Their forms (of course they appreciate all that too). But They are here for a purpose; They have come with Their mission, and we are subservient to that mission. They started it; They are the reason we are here; this is Their land, Their temple, Their devotees, Their everything: It’s all about Them. Sometimes in the depth of my conditioning, I see it all the wrong way around: that we’re here in Mayapur welcoming these Deities, preparing everything nicely for Their arrival. And of course everyone is. But They started it! I am honestly astounded when I realise it’s Them: the Panca-tattva, these 5 amazing personalities who walked the earth a few hundered years ago with the express purpose of distributing freely love of Godhead; here They are again, standing there in all Their glory, ready to engage us to do it again. p46

Day 3: Rounds before 7am:14 :S ; Pages read: 14

Although the members of Panca-tattva plundered the storehouse of love of Godhead and ate and distributed its contents, there was no scarcity, for this wonderful storehouse is so complete that as the love is distributed, the supply increases hundreds of times. p83

Day 4: Rounds before 7am: 16; Pages read: 72 (finished reading it)

Pankajanghri Prabhu: The kirtan was built up to a crescendo by the evening of the first darshan – thousands of devotees were dancing and chanting, the Holy Name was resounding, there was not an inch of space where the Lord’s presence could not be felt. The curtains opened and a roar went up  that must have penetrated the covering of the universe. The darshan was overwhelming, Sri Panca-tattva were here and giving Themselves totally. The Lord had already entered the devotees hearts through their ears by the ecstatic kirtan, and now His mercy was pouring in through their eyes and their already-saturated hearts could not contain it. Some were rooted at the spot. Some were jumping up and down, some just shaking their heads in disbelief, but everyone was chanting the name of Gauranga. For many the experience of that moment changed the direction of their lives. P 101

Day 5: Rounds before 7am: 15; Pages read: 10 (I started reading it again)

Lord Caitanya’s pastimes are not yet over. I was thinking that Lord Caitanya appeared 500 years ago, how nice it would would have been to be present at that time. But actually Gauranga and Nityananda, along with Their associates, are now present in every ISKCON centre to give Their personal association to every conditioned soul. Therefore we have to very eagerly serve Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu’s mission: param vijayate sri-krsna-sankirtanam: spreading the Holy Name to every corner of the world. P122

 Day 6 [EXAM DAY!!!] 5 rounds, left home at 6.15am, plan was to wake up at 4am…; Pages 0

Day 7 Rounds before 7am: 16; Pages read; 10

Day 8 Rounds before 7am: 13; pages read [passed exams! Have finished MBBS 4]

Day 9 Rounds before 7am: 0 😦 (slept late, woke late)

Day 10 Rounds before 7am: 16

Day 11 Rounds before 7am: 0

Day 12 Rounds before 7am: 0

Day 13 Rounds before 7am: 6

Day 14 Rounds before 7am: 5

Those who were fortunate enough drowned themselves in this ocean of ecstacy of love of Godhead and the less fortunate simply floated on it. But everyone was experiencing it, no doubt about that! Teh only qualification was one’s presence. Anyone who was here on those days was simply forced to plunge into this ocean of ecstacy. Everything and everyone at every time was centred around the Panca-tattva and I am sure all those who were present would agree that this isn’t an exaggeration.

As for myself, I was unable to find a suitable conclusion when I tried to calculate my good fortune. I simply marvelled at the krpa of Srila Prabhupada when I saw the magnificent  forms of the Lord standing upright on the alter, even before the installation ceremony! Am I going to dance in front of Them? Am I going to call out Gauranga’s name in front of Them? Every day! I could not believe it. I am actually doing it but it still seems like a dream. But the good news is, it is true.

Day 15 Rounds before 7am: 10

When the members of the Panca-tattva, along with other devotees, began to perform harinam sankirtana in Mayapur, everyone came to see. They forgot about their eating, drinking, their daily duties. Similarly when Sri Panca-tattva came to ISKCON’s Mayapur Candradoya Mandir, everyone forgot their own hunger, thirst, and daily service. All the devotees were standing on the roof of the building, some were sitting on the boundary wall of the temple. It was a very special day, difficult to express in words. So whoever has not seen the Sri Panca-tattva must come and visit Them in Mayapur, and take this causeless mercy.

Day 16: 16 rounds

Day 17: 16 rounds

Dat 18: 16 rounds


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